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They say about the Prague Quadrennial…

The Prague Quadrennial was essential for my professional trajectory/ pathway.  I started to design for theater in 1977. In 1987, as from my first participation in this event, my artistic life as a designer has changed. I started looking at scenography in a much deeper way, based on research, on the reflection and planning of a performance. The PQ has opened many doors for me abroad/ internationally, and has made it possible to divulge the Brazilian scenography that became more and more recognized by the international community. The PQ was also essential for the establishment of many Brazilian designers, costume designers, theater architects and scenography students.
Just so you have an idea of such dimension, it is worth to mention that in 1987, after the absence of Brazil in 1983, we went to Prague, me and my wife only, with a very modest exhibition of our work.
In 1991, we were already 8. In 1995 we were 30. In 1999 we were 60. In 2003, we were almost 130 people, participants and viewers, and our estimate for 2011 is that around 150 people, amongst professionals, students, and viewers, I imagine that this evolution says something, don't you think?

J.C. Serroni, Associação Brasileira de Iluminação Cênica / OISTAT Brazil

Prague Quadrennial is the only dedicated scenography-event I know of.
A great inspiration experience.
A cultural Mecca of approaches to theatre and stage design.

Jacob Pelch, Sammenslutningen af Danske Scenografer, Denmark


During the Soviet period the PQ for me was the most important event dedicated to the scenography held in the countries of Communist bloc. Now I know that this is the only event of such kind in the world.

Ketevan S. Kintsurashvili, Sh. Rustaveli University of Theatre and Film, Georgia


PQ for me is Perennial Quest for Design Excellence. It is where the best innovators of design and manipulators of space converge every four years to showcase what they had learned and done in the past four years then forecasting the future of performance design.

Victor Henry C. Tejero, PQ 011 Philippines working committee

The PQ has become a proof that Scenography does not have a country or nationality; it belongs to the Theatre of the World. PQ simply is the world's biggest manifestation of Scenography.

Lilja Blumenfeld, Estonian Academy of Arts

PQ is a great feast of ideas, creativity, visual art, performance and their environment!

Marina Maleni, Theatre Development Officer, Cyprus Theatre Organization

PQ is an island for interpersonal and interartistic communication that enables us to forget about daily routine work and begin to dream together about new spaces for new performative events. For Slovenian artists PQ is a terra incognita they want to leave traces on.

Tomaz Toporisic, National Theatre Museum of Slovenia


The PQ is after all an excuse for scenographers to meet, learn about each other's work and raise awareness and enthusiasm for our profession. It is an open event with an inclusive spirit where all countries are invited to participate. Its competitive sections have also contributed to generate great interest and expectation over the years. Mexico's participation for 2011 strives to mix both the inclusive and competitive ingredients that has made the PQ so durable and successful.

Sergio Villegas, Comunidad de Amigos de Praga, Mexico