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PQ 2011 aims to become a living center for creative expert exchange in scenography and for this reason includes an extensive series of discussions, presentations, symposia, talks, etc., covering these major disciplines: sound, lighting, costume design and scenography.


Talks: General Commissioner
Małgorzata Szczęśniak (PL)
Jan Pappelbaum (DE) cancelled!
Es Devlin (UK)
Mark Friedberg (USA)

Talks: Intersection
Romeo Castellucci (IT)
Markus Schinwald (AT)
Ulla von Brandenburg (DE/FR) 

Claudia Bosse (DE)
Guy Coolen (BE)   
Kirsten Dehlholm (DK)    

Carlos Garcia (SP)
Franco La Cecla (IT)
Rolf Abderhalden Cortés (CO)  
David Tushingham (UK)

Talks: Scenography/PQ
Richard Gough (UK)
Christoper Baugh (UK) 

Talks: Architecture
Richard Sennett (USA) 
Marvin Carlson (USA)
Arata Isozaki (JP) cancelled!

Talks: Extreme Costume
mareunrol's (LV) 
Rosalinda Lourens (NL)
Caroline Evans (UK)    
Donatella Barbieri (IT)

Talks: Sound
Tod Machover (USA)
Scanner (UK)
Hans Peter Khun (DE)

Talks: Light
Felice Ross (IL) 
Olaf Winter (DE) 
Arjen Klerkx (NL)
Francisco Aleu Riera (SP)