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Curator:Tomaž Toporišič
Designer / Architect of exhibition:Meta Hočevar
Institution:Slovene Theatre Museum / Mladinsko Theatre / FHS University of Primorska

Performer + Space = Performative Space

“Space is the proof for the story. [...] I believe the story because I believe the space. [...] The elementary systems of relations which define a theatrical performance [...] develop between the visual and the acoustic parts, between two poles that complement each other, contradict each other, illustrate, compromise, oppose, and correspond to one another.” Meta Hočevar Throughout the last two decades, the tactics of landscape plays, visual dramaturgy, scenic essays, metonymic space, framing, scenic montage, aesthetics of speed, the question of the aesthetic versus the real body, and intermediality have taken Slovene (no longer) theatre into heterogeneous realms of contemporary performing art at the intersection of various artistic media that have enriched the field of the theatre. The spatial machines of performing arts follow the principle of Alain Badiou’s restlessness, embody new interpretations of the classical stage, and establish new variants of utopian concepts of the (neo) avant-garde such as empty space, total theatre, and lieu unique (let us only think of Dragan Živadinov and his concept of the theatre in zero gravity). At the same time, the performing arts keep returning to the black box, which is understood similarly as Lotman’s semiosphere as a dynamic space of transition and crossing of borderlines. It functions as a performative space, a space of liveliness in which centripetal and centrifugal processes take place. If we return to Badiou: The century did not make a choice in this field, which is why we move, together with it, between beginning and ending, between classical space and empty space. Nevertheless, theatrical space is always performative. Performative action reshapes both the performers and the space: it EMBODIES SPACES AND SPACED BODIES. Invited artists Ema Kugler and Dunja Zupančič (together with guest artist Miha Turšič and other colleagues: scenographers, costumographers, directors, choreographers, actors, dancers, performers, dramaturges, and composers) will reflect and enact the performative space of today’s art. They will propose some answers to the questions: Whatever Happened to Space and Performance? How do we perform space and how do we space the performance?

Exhibiting artists / ateliers

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  • Ema Kugler
  • Dunja Zupančič
  • Miha Turšič