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Seven months after the beginning of the work for the School’s Exhibit- that started on May 12th with the opening of the web blog with information for teachers and participants- this is the moment to choose which of the students’ projects will be sent to the Prague Quadrennial in 2011.

During the second semester of 2010, 12 schools worked on the concept proposed by the curators and developed the projects that were sent. The total of projects reached 50, from the following schools: SP Escola de Teatro, Universidade de Brasília, Universidade de São Paulo, Oficina de Cenografia Lu Grecco – SP, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Escola de Teatro Catarse, Espaço Cenográfico, Universidade Federal do Pará, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte and INDAC Escola de Atores.

In the past Quadrennial, coordinated by Professor Lídia Kosovski, 50 was also the number of projects that were sent and exposed to the public in the Set and Costume Design Exhibit at FUNARTE, in Rio de Janeiro, in March 2007. However, for the edition of 2011, the number of participating schools almost doubled (from 7 to 12). Although seven new schools showed up, two that participated in the last edition did not participate this time: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Universidade Federal do Paraná.

Once again under the curator Antonio Grassi – this time invited by ABrIC/OISTATBr, that represents Brazil in the Prague Quadrennial- thirty projects have been selected by the committee formed by the assistant curator, Professor Fausto Viana, from USP. The five judges were Maria Cecília Loschiavo (FAU-USP), Fernando Sato (Casa da Lapa), Aby Cohen (assistante curator to the National Exhibit), Adriana Vaz Ramos (PUC, SP Escola de Teatro) and the vote of the public. Rosane Muniz was in charge as a secretary to the event and the judges met on December 10th, in the foyer of the Teatro Laboratório da ECA USP. The judges heard all the explanations about concepts and rules by the curator Fausto Viana.

After three hours evaluating each of the proposals, the team went out of room 03, in the Drama Department at ECA USP. Each project was discussed and evaluated, while people could vote on the internet and at the exhibit. Their vote was also considered and at  21h30, after a long time, the final result was published on the web blog of the schools: watch here.