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From 14.07.2011, To 01.10.2011, PQ+

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1.5. - 1.9.09:00-16:00National Heritage Institut-The State Castle of Lysice: The Puppets on the CastlePQ+exhibition / puppetryState Castle of Lysice
Historical puppets and puppet theatre from Marie and Pavel Jirásek‘s collection.The biggest exhibition of amateur and family theatre in the Czech republic is a must-see - 30 theatre and hundreds of puppets from 1900 to 1950, representing outstanding level of Czech puppet scenography interwar period.
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17.5. - 17.7.-Mahler Jihlava Music Festival: The Music of ThousandsPQ+performance / sound design/music
The 10th anniversary festival The Music of the Thousands follows up on last year’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mahler’s birth while at the same time commemorating the 100th anniversary of the composer’s death. The festival takes place in Jihlava and in the Vysočina region.
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24.5. - 7.8.-Loophole to HappinessPQ+exhibition / visual artFutura
The exhibition transposes the theme of life in an East-European totalitarian society. While in the first post-communist decade artists drew on memories, traumas and the socialist collective identity, now their interest has shifted towards themes arising from the current problems of the region.
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4.6. - 28.8.-The Brno House of Arts: Brno Art Open / Sculptures in the Streets III.PQ+exhibition / visual artBrno House of Arts
In June for the third time, Brno will be invaded by artworks using the public space as their medium and taking advantage of the uniqueness of the urban setting. This year, the Biennial founded in 2008 will present works by Eva Koťátková, Jan Šerých, Ján Mančuška, Jiří Skála, Rafani, and others.
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10.6. - 31.7.12:00-18:00Rabih MrouéPQ+exhibition / visual artTranzitdisplay
The exhibition of Lebanese artist, actor, director, and playwright Rabih Mroué has focused his practice on countering the political and historical amnesia of post-war Lebanon by excavating individual and collective memory and narratives.
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11.6. - 1.10.-Foundation DrAK/Museum Montanelli: Anatomia MethamorphosisPQ+exhibition / visual artMuseum Montanelli
Muzeum Montanelli (MuMo) in cooperation with o.s. ABCD presents Anatomia Methamorphosis, an exhibition which maps the approach to corporeality in the works of two major Czech art-brut figures Anna Zemánková and Luboš Plný and introduces the work of the newly discovered artist František Dymáček.
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11.6. - 28.7.-George baron LöwendalPQ+exhibition / scenographyRomanian Cultural Institute in Prague
The George baron of Löwendal’s exhibition of scenographic work is a discovery of a surprising existence, almost unknown to specialists, of a great personality of the East European theatre. Löwendal is the promoter of a new stage design vision in Romania that outlined the future modern theatre.
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15.6. - 15.9.-Images of Space, Prof. Andrzej Markiewicz’s Studio of ScenographyPQ+exhibition / scenographyPolish Institute in Prague
The exhibition created in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts and the Theater Department of the National Museum in Gdansk presents works by students of the Scenographic Studio from 2000-2010: scene models, costume projects, sketches, spatially-lit objects and spatial forms of performance.
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16.6. - 12.9.-Centre for Contemporary Art DOX: Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary ArtPQ+exhibition / visual artCentre for Contemporary Art DOX
The world of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner presented through the works of contemporary artists. Steiner´s philosophy inspired such personalities as Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian. The concept of the exhibition was developed by Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg and Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.
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17.6. - 20.7.-Handa Gote Research and DevelopmentPQ+exhibition / scenographyFerdinand Baumann Gallery
Post-apocalyptic excavations, low-tech inventions of household handymen, mad scientists´ wooden computers, the art of primitive nations and technologies of improbable civilizations. The exhibition shows the objects and methods used by the Handa Gote theater company.
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20.6. - 2.9.-Arts and Theatre Institute: Scenographer and Painter Jaroslav MalinaPQ+exhibition / scenographyGallery Black Swan Jaroslav Malina
This exhibition of the art of Jaroslav Malina, one of the foremost Czech scenographers, is part of a series of 8 exhibitions devoted to scenographers, photographers and artists entitled Under the Wings of a Black Swan organized in the year of the Prague Quadrennial.
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22.6. - 14.8.-The Brno House of Arts: Raum:Selbst(Space:Self)PQ+exhibition / visual artBrno House of Arts
The exhibition builds on the subject of space which selected artists from Germany and the Czech Republic treat with a minimalistic/minimal approach using diverse media and forms of expression. Seven German artists have been involved in the project since 2008 with 3 Czechs joining this year.
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