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PQ+ accompanying project of the Prague Quadrennial

The aim of the accompanying project of the 12th Prague Quadrennial, simply called PQ+, is to further develop PQ 2011’s interdisciplinary dialogue between various dramatic genres and an expanding definition of visual art.

PQ+ also featured the involvement of leading Czech cultural institutions: theatres, galleries, and independent art groups working in unconventional spaces.

The project’s main objective was to introduce to foreign and Czech PQ visitors and participants projects whose originality and excellence represent the Czech art scene in all genres including drama, performance art, dance, site-specific performances, physical theatre, and street theatre.
PQ+ also presented visual arts projects involving new media, painting, and installation art, as well as scenographic exhibitions, music, and a fashion show. 

Almost 80 unique and creative projects of 59 organizations and companies were selected to participate.

All selected organizators and projects are avalaible here.

Still running projects

Polish Institute in Prague offers student work in the exhibition Images of Space. Prof. Andrzej Markiewicz´s Studio of Scenography, by 15 September.

In the Cafe Gallery Black Swan is an exhibition of leading Czech stage designer Jaroslav Malina. Scenographer and Painter Jaroslav Malina, to September the 2nd.

Post-apocalyptic excavations by Handa Gote Research and Development in Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, to July 20.

Romanian Cultural Institute offers an exhibition of the forgotten scenographer George Baron Löwendal, to July 28.

Brno House of Arts opened the third year of the biennial in the streets of the city. Brno Art Open: Sculptures in the Streets III, to 28 August and the exhibition of Czech and German artists. Raum:selbst (space:self), to August 14.

The exhibition in Prague's gallery Futura takes the theme of life in a totalitarian society. Loophole to Happiness, to August 7.

Tranzitdisplay represents the work of Lebanese artist Rabih Mroué, to July 31.

Centre for Contemporary Art Dox immerses you into the world of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary Art, to September 12.

Museum Montanelli and Foundation DrAk has prepared an exhibition of Czech art brut titled Anatomia Methamorphosis, until October.

State Castle Lysice shows the historical puppets from the collection of Marie and Pavel Jirasek. The Puppets on the Castle, until October.

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