Not Exactly a Festival, More Than an Exhibition...
The World´s Largest Performance Design Event
Costume, Stage, Sound, Lighting Design and Architecture from over 70 Countries
Site-Specific Projects, Workshops, Discussions, and Lectures
Exhibitions, Performances and Installations All Over Prague
One of the 2011 must-see events for art professionals and cultural fans!


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The Prague Quadrennial is organized and funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and realized by Arts and Theatre Institute.

Pavla Petrová (CZ), Director

Boris Kudlička (SK), General Commissioner

Daniela Pařízková (CZ), Deputy Director

Sodja Zupanc Lotker (CZ), Artistic Director

Petr Prokop (CZ), Head Manager

Dorita Hannah (NZ), Commissioner of the Architecture Section

Jessica Bowles (UK), Scenofest Leader

Thea Brejzek (DE), Theory Curator

Steve Brown (UK), Sound Design Curator

Simona Rybáková (CZ), Costume Project Curator

Martina and Jan Svobodovi (CZ), PQ for Children

Marie Zdeňková (CZ), Artistic Consultant

Krištof Kintera (CZ), Visual Concept

Boris Kudlička a WWAA (CZ), Architect

Oren Sagiv (ISR), Architect of Intersection

Ondřej Svoboda (CZ), PQ Documentation

(CZ), Public Relations

Nathalie Frank (FR), International Public Relations

Jakub Matějka (CZ),  Head of Production - Intersection

Michaela Stránská (CZ), Scenofest Production Manager

Aleš Rumpel (CZ), Program Coordinator

Tereza Zedková (CZ), Sponsors Relations / PQ+ Coordinator

(CZ), Assistent