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is an official magazine of the Prague Quadrennial 2011, which presents interviews with artists, program tips, photo report and much more. Now you can read interviews with the organizers of the PQ 2011.

You can find it in major venues of PQ 2011: Veletržní Palace - National Gallery, Prague Crossroads - St. Anne's Church, Piazzeta of the National Theatre, New Stage of the National Theatre and DAMU - The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague.

Publishing Days: June 16, 18, 19, 21, 24. On these days you can download the PQ MAG here.

Editorial Team: Randy Gener (American Theatre), Mariana Holá, Sodja Lotker, Daniela Pařízková, Tereza Zedková. Collaboration: Markéta Horešovská. Graphic Design: Jiří Troskov. Type: Grafické studio VVG. Print: Tiskárna Edit.



(June 24) Last PQ MAG 05 with interviews with Scanner and Tod Machover, reviews of Krétakör project and Theatre Svoboda film and much more... DOWNLOAD HERE.

(June 21) Prague Quadrennial 2011 Awards' PQ MAG 04
- information about PQ 2011 winners, interview with Steven Brown, Sound Design Curator, and article about Krétakör project. ... and program tips as well... DOWNLOAD HERE.

(June 19) PQ MAG 03 with interviews with Claudia Bosse, Alice Nellis, Oren Sagiv and Jessica Bowles, Steven Brown's editorial, Diary, program and book tips, and much more... DOWNLOAD HERE

(June 18) PQ MAG 02 with interviews with Intersection artists (Guerra de la Paz, Romeo Castellucci, Monika Pormale, Brett Bailey, Nathaniel Mellors and Ulla von Brandenburg), curators of the Section of Countries and Regions (Sergio Villegas, Susan Tsu, Rolando de Leon, Chuan Fu-Liu, Reija Hirvikoski & Maiju Loukola & Mia Kivinen) and Simona Rybáková, curator of the Extreme Costume project, Diary, program and book tips... And much more! ... DOWNLOAD HERE.

(June 16) 1st PQ MAG issue
with interviews with Daniela Pařízková, Sodja Lotker, Boris Kudlička and Dorita Hannah, Diary, program and book tips, questionnaire within curators of the Section of Countries and Regions and much more... DOWNLOAD HERE.