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Martina Svobodová is a graduate of the Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University in Prague and DAMU in Prague. She works as a teacher at the Art School in Bechyně. In 1995, she became a co-founder of the civic association Klášter (Monastery); its aim is popularization of art, a search for new out-of-school forms of education and other activities. She founded the Takitak book series in collaboration with Divus publishing; this series introduces contemporary visual art to children (three books have been published in this series – books about Petr Nikl, František Skála and Kateřina Vincourová – they were awarded the Book of the Year prize). She prepares events not only for children for exhibitions, expositions, events (e.g Prague Quadrennial, Ten Centuries of Architecture, The Story of Prague Castle etc) with her husband.

Jan Svoboda graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University in Prague at the Department of Art. He worked as an art teacher at basic schools, regional methodology consultant of art, lecturer at the Pedagogical Faculty in Prague (he gave lectures and led seminars of painting and art therapy), he is a headmaster of the Art School in Bechyně now. In 1995, he founded a civic society Klášter (Monastery) at the Art School in Bechyně that became the found member of the international organisation E-SPACE. Since 1997, he has been the chairperson of the Association of Art Teachers and he has been a member of various professional committees of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic since 2001. He has been doing his own artistic activity since 1979. He made New-Year prints for the Ministry of Culture in 1993 and 1994; he was awarded the prize for The Most Beautiful Book of 1998 – foundation of the Takitak series. He has been creating concepts and expositions of children events and expositions for children at exhibitions (e.g. Prague Quadrennial, Ten Centuries of Architecture, The Story of Prague Castle...) with his wife since 1999.