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The Extreme Costume project is part of the competitive Section of Countries and Regions and consists of an exhibition of costumes, videos, and photos, as well as live presentations and discussions.

This project creates space for costume projects to be taken out of their original context of performance in order to be looked at ‘close up’ as autonomous art with individual quality. Projects presented include work for theatre as well as other arts working with performance (for instance visual art or media). It includes costumes used in the theatre as part of the performance design components as well as costumes used in the visual arts as objects, elements of action, or environment.

The material itself is looked at as the medium here, with the aim of not only presenting some of the most innovative materials, but also its use and meaning within the performance. So while the exhibition provide specially designed space and lighting for the individual costumes to ‘speak for their own’, additional photos, videos, written and audio material are helping ‘tell the story’ of the individual costumes within the framework of the exhibition.

Presented costume design projects and artists have been proposed by curators of exhibiting countries and regions and selected by the project’s curator and coordinator, Simona Rybakova and  the PQ team.

The project will include a series of Talks with:
mareunrol's (LV) 
Rosalinda Lourens (NL)
Caroline Evans (UK)    
Donatella Barbieri (IT)
(preliminary program subject to changes)

Curator of the Extreme Costume exhibition: Simona Rybakova (CZ)

The Extreme Costume project is competitive – see the PQ Jury

Extreme Costume at the PQ press release (dokument Adobe PDF)Extreme Costume at the PQ press release
Extreme Costume at the PQ press release (dokument MS Word)Extreme Costume at the PQ press release