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Welcome to E-scenography!

E-scenography is an online system created by the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space within the Intersection project that aims to create an informational community to discuss issues connected to scenography, including all performance design disciplines, theatre architecture, and space.

Scenography / performance design is a rapidly developing discipline existing in between visual arts, performing arts, and design, and is usually taught at theatre, visual art, architecture, and applied arts schools. Serious theoretical discourse connected to performance design has been developing only in the recent decades. E-scenography aims to foster this discourse connected to the theoretical, practical, historical, aesthetic, social, and philosophical issues of performance design and space in a multitude of scenographic disciplines. E-scenography also aims to become an informational system to share news about scenography events, projects, and education to the international community.

E-scenography´s content is created by you, the scenographers: stage, costume, sound, and lighting designers, teachers, curators, and theorists. Please join in!

How to Use E-scenography

As soon as you register for the E-scenography online service you will be able to edit your profile and use one or more of the services that E-scenography offers:

  • The service of the newsletter IntersectionS provides users from around the world an opportunity to distribute and receive information about scenography / performance design projects (performances, exhibitions, symposia, books, etc.). Registered users simply fill out an online form on our website with information about their project and the newsletter containing the information will be automatically distributed to the E-scenography mailing list (currrently cca 10 000 email addresses).
  • Signing up for the Scenography Education service (the art school database) allows employees of schools from around the world who are connected to performance design and architecture to add or edit information about their school. Students can then search through the complete database that currently includes more than 200 schools profiles.
  • An online library Scenography Expanding ioffers the ability to upload and download texts and other materials connected to scenography theoretical and historical discourse.
  • Subscribing to the PQ and Scenofest newsletters will enable you to regularly receive news aboutPQ activities.

Please note: Only registered users are able to edit and use the E-Scenography online service and the PQ team will delete all non-scenography content.

Project E-scenography is a part of the Intersection project.
With the support of the Culture Program of the European Union.

This communication reflects the views only of the Prague Quadrennial, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Contact person: Tereza Zedková, email: