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For the next edition in 2011, the PQ is taking on a new title: Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Prague Quadrennial 2011, aims to present a large spectrum of contemporary performance design disciplines and genres, in order to show the vast variety of forms of performance and performance design. Prague Quadrennial 2011 will examine theatre design in the context of contemporary trends in the theatre, as well as in trends in other art and cultural disciplines, working with performance to research scenography as a wider cultural phenomenon, appearing in many aspects of art and life.

Scenography will be looked at as a complex art field, providing more than decoration of space for actors. It will be examined as an important element of all performance, as a complex creator of all visual aspects of performance, elements that create, transform, construct, change, and fill the space and body and their relationship within the artistic piece, the performance. It will be researched as a phenomenon appearing in a diversity of art and cultural disciplines – visual arts, architecture, fashion, installation, video art, new media, site specific, as well as as an interdisciplinary art in itself.

The 12th edition of the Prague Quadrennial aims to present the most innovative projects, artists and experts in the field of theatre and performance design, and invites the Curators to help us shape a stimulating event full of challenging ideas and installations. The core organizational team of the Prague Quadrennial 2011, is extended by the international team of curators, commissioners and experts that will lead individual sections and projects of the PQ 2011, creating a complex view into today’s performance, performance design and spaces for performance.

Prague Quadrennial 2011 will, as it has traditionally done, provide in-depth and stimulating access to performance and performance design for non-experts as well – students, children and wider audiences.


Section of Countries and Regions is traditionally the main section of the Prague Quadrennial and will be organized by Curators, presenting work in performance design from the individual countries and regions from the last six years.

The expositions will be expected to present a strong curatorial concept of the expositions. Curators are requested to define the theme and concept of their exposition. The concept should represent an important aspect of performance and performance design in their country or region in recent years (for instance: genre, author, trend, problem, question etc.) The concept does not have to necessarily represent the most typical aspects of performance and performance design in the country or region, but rather the most unique, specific, current trends, with consideration given to the cultural and historical contexts of performance in their country or region.

Curators are requested to consider the following three aspects when creating their exposition: the main theme of their exposition, the installation of their exhibit, and the contextual aspects of their exposition. Curators are encouraged to use variety of ways of presenting the work: group expositions, solo expositions focusing on one artist, as well as expositions/installations that are themselves scenographies or spaces of performance.

Individual expositions are also encouraged to strengthen the presentation by using a variety of different performance design disciplines and including them in the exposition – costume, stage, lighting, sound design etc., including the connections and contexts around them, as well as having live presentations in their expositions.


Student exhibit will again take its traditionally successful form with a free theme for students of performing arts and visual arts schools.Each country/region is encouraged to present more then one school.

In order to strengthen the educational aspect of the event, Prague Quadrennial is traditionally accompanied by Scenofest – an educational project of PQ and OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians). Scenofest consists of a large number of workshops, lectures, performances and other events for students and young perfroming arts professionals.


The Architecture Section will ask "what is a theatre now?" in order to challenge and discuss contemporary theatre architecture, and how it is experienced and exhibited. The section will provide a global gathering ground for performance designers and other professionals to meet those who make theatre spaces – strengthening the dialogue between architecture, design and performance practices. It will question whether a performance space is a purpose-built venue, a found site, a virtual world, or simply any space creatively claimed by performance.

Maintaining that “built space performs”, the Commissioner of the Architecture Section is inviting the Curators to get involved in this global dialogue on the active role environments play in shaping theatrical events and local cultures. Each country and region is asked to consider what is a theatre here (of a particular place) and now (of a particular time)? The focus will be on performance spaces that have been constructed (built), performed (improvised) or imagined (unbuilt) in this new century.

Note: Work presented in the sections can include work by artists from a particular country or region (also realized in a different country or region) and work created in the country or region presenting the work (including artists from other countries and regions). The presented work should be no older then 6 years (except if the curatorial concept and theme make this necessary).The same work can be presented in two different expositions.


Prague Quadrennial further aims to create accompanying projects that will attract a large scope of performing arts professionals and experts to the PQ, including conferences, discussions, performances, and workshops, etc. It aims to provide an interactive space, with events and projects, where international performance professionals, students and spectators can meet and exchange ideas with their colleagues, designers, as well as with artists and experts from other fields.

Extreme Costume project will present a limited number of costumes with the theme of “Extreme Materials”. This exhibition will display costumes used for live performance that are made of unusual, alternative materials or traditional materials with extreme characteristics, as well as costumes made with unusual/extreme use of material. Curators are requested to propose to the curator of the project work which could be included in this exhibition.

In addition to the exhibitions in the three sections, in 2011, PQ will include a curated interactive installation/ performance – Intersection; a special project for sound and light design; as well as a Scenofest, educational project of the PQ. Additional lectures, presentations, discussions, costume shows, meetings, and performances will make for an extensive offer of live programs accompanying the event.

Detailed information about the concept and projects of the PQ 2011 as well as organizational information will be distributed to the curators in the circulated memorandums during the preparation of the event and will be available for download at

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Concept PQ 11 (dokument Adobe PDF)Concept PQ 11

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