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ONLINE PAYMENT OF ACCREDITATION ENDED 31 May 2011. You can still register online using the REGISTRATION form. If you are already in our database, please LOG IN. Payment of admission now takes place at the PQ, with an additional fee. 

Professional accreditation for 11 days (in advance): 1000 CZK/ 40 € 
On site: 1200 CZK/ 50 €
Student accreditation for 11 days (in advance): 500 CZK/ 20 €  
On site: 800 CZK/ 30 €
Discounted student accreditation for 11 days, ONLY for participants in the Scenofest project: 400 CZK/ 16 €

Accreditation allows you to enter the following PQ projects at any time from June 16-26, 2011: 
- the Section of Countries and Regions, the Student Section, the Extreme Costume exhibition and the PQ for Children program in the Veletrzni palace – National Gallery
- the Architecture Section at the Prague Crossroads (St.  Anne's Church)
- the Intersection installation/ performance at the Piazzeta of the National Theatre
- the Light & Sound project at the New Stage – only from the 19th to the 23rd of June   
- the Craig exhibition at Galerie Jaroslav Fragner 
- the Disk Stories - student performances at DAMU

Please note that the PQ accreditations grants you free entrance to all PQ programs except the entrance for PQ+ projects, the opera Les enfants terribles and Mark Friedberg’s films. Tickets for these events need to be bought separately.

For Krétakör Crisis Trilogy Part 1: – if you have a the PQ accreditation card, please make a reservation in the PQ Box Office and you can get a free ticket for this project. If you have one/two day PQ ticket/bracelet then you have to buy a regular ticket for this project. The Krétakör site-specific performance - if you want to benefit from a free entrance to this project with your accreditation, you need to reserve, direct link to reservation.

All other programs as Talks, Performances in the city or live events in expositions are for free and work for „first come firsts serve“ basis. So make sure you come in time.

If you want to take part in the Scenofest Workshops, please check the list of workshops in the Scenofest Centre for possible free spaces. Workshops are paid per day.

Where can I pick up my accreditation?
You may pick up your accreditation at the accreditation centre at the National Gallery’s Veletržní Palace after 15 June between 10am and 8pm. All that is required is an ID or your full name. With accreditation you will also receive PQ materials within the Accreditation Bag. It is possible to pay with Euro. Prices are subject to change without notice.

notice: In Veletrzni palace - National Gallery, Prague Crossroads (St. Anne's Church) and DAMU it will be publicly accessible WiFi connection.

PQ Guide will help you to get the best of PQ 2011, bring you daily information and hot tips, where to go and what to see. It will became your PQ BIBLE. You have to buy it, ONLY 2 EUR. Where can I buy a PQ Guide?
In the Veletrzni palace - National Gallery, at the Prague Crossroads - St. Anne´s Church, and at the Piazzeta of the National Theatre. Opening times treasures: from 10am to 20pm.